Not shy, rude, or antisocial. Just an introvert.

I just finished Book 1 and 2 of my series the Music of Us and there is a reason I wanted to write this series. 

The first reason I write anything is because I like the subject and want to write about it or I have some personal understanding of the subject matter. In this case, both are true (a story going into a different book). But this series goes deeper for me.

For as long as I can remember, I have been haunted by the realization that anyone that identifies as a gender other than straight spends much of their young years, and often far beyond, tortured by society, friends, and family. The Music Of Us series supports those individuals who deserve to be treated like everyone else, and to love and marry anyone of their choosing.

I believe love is exclusive of gender.  I don’t like labels and although I am a straight female, I don’t like the labels that have been placed on me over the years and those pale in comparison to the labels placed on differently gendered people.

After I wrote that, a few people asked me, what labels? What kind of labels could someone possibly place on me that would be detrimental? One big one comes to mind. Introvert. Although people don’t use that term because they don’t understand it, instead they have called me (or you) rude, anti-social, independent (which in the case of women tends to be another bad word), stuck up (the old high school classic), arrogant, or god forbid, a bitch. Although, I suppose I can be any of those things given the right motivation, I am actually none of those things.  Neither am I shy, but I admit I stake claim to that word because it just makes explaining myself easier. Not shy. Not antisocial. Not a bitch. Just an introvert.

Just an Introvert