Coming Late 2022

A lot of Tequila by Author DJ Lynn

Whether talking about how her strange childhood has led to a problem in making adult decisions; explaining why she should be the new Bachelorette (she thinks she 32  but could easily pass for 60-something); disastrous love interests; to drinking too much tequila in her coffee (in the morning!), DJ is here to reveal her thoughts that just might be cautionary tales. Essays. Humor.


Coming Late 2022

Talking with Lizards – the witty and irreverent continuation (Volume 2) of the popular true story Running with Chickens. DJ is the author and editor with co-author Steve Peak, the disgruntled and very real protagonist.

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Coming 2023

Time is Up by author DJ Lynn

DJ laughs her way through mishaps, neuroses, and taboos as she struggles through adulthood: anxiety, depression, obsession, good and bad sex, failed relationships, annoying travel (or is it annoying people?) observations … well you get the picture. DJ complains a lot and she knows it. It’s a good thing she’s an introvert and happy to stay inside and rant mostly to herself. And that bitch isn’t listening. Essays. Humor.

Coming 2023

Elements book 1 of series
 ELEMENTS is a sexy and genre-twisting sci-fi based on real facts and events, places, timelines, technologies, and organizations at the beginning of data science on earth…but where and why it began will have you questioning your reality.


Sara Bryn Kenyon believes she’s just a young data scientist until she discovers the mysterious connections between her son Jax (Jackson) and long-term friends Tom, a retired cartographer on the verge of mental collapse and Drake, a brilliant and gay former model turned AI gaming entrepreneur.

As they begin to unravel their entangled relationships and strange powers, they discover it was not by accident. A strange being has brought them together for a world changing task. Their knowledge and unique abilities could save the future if they are willing to believe and act in time.

Coming 2023

High Tide is a love story between two men who start off as childhood friends.

Alex grew up privileged along the beaches of the Italian Riviera. He meets Matthew at a London festival and they bond over their love of music and shared dreams. A traumatic event casts them into an unexpected intimate bond. For several years they explore their desires and dreams until personal doubts and outside forces pull them apart.

They become illusions–ghosts to accommodate the demands of a world with other ideas about who they should be, as well as their own personalities that come into clear focus as they get older.

Who will they become? Will the idealism and freedom that comes with youthful fantasies survive into adulthood?

Literary fiction. PG 16 with mature subject mater but no detailed sex scenes.

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“Not a boring travelog! Ms. Lynn took us 12,000+ miles around the US. She was accompanied by a witty and clever son who often called her cartoon names and frequently kept her grounded when she lost her temper at a late Fed Ex package or after locking the keys in the car. They are a couple of sweet misfits!  She takes it further as she lets us in on the intimate backstory that led her to that point in time when she needed to get away from the demands, noise and agendas of others. It’s something we all think about on occasion, but she did it and discovered her truth along the way.”

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